Llangors Church in Wales Primary School

Lunch and Snacks

School Meals are available for full time children, are cooked on site and are provided by Powys Catering.

  • A hot meal with pudding
  • A jacket potato with choice of filling
  • Optional side salad is always available
  • A Vegetarian option is always available
  • Fruit juice, milk and water are available

School Dinner Menu

Please contact the school if you have any special dietary needs or you need to inform us of any allergies.

Free school meals for all Primary pupils in Wales are being rolled out. Currently all Reception pupils receive a free school lunch. You will be informed as the roll out continues. For those who do pay, the cost of school meals is laid down by the Local Authority and payment should be made in advance through ParentPay. For those eligible to receive free school meals an application form is available upon request from the Local Authority.

Packed Lunch

Children may bring their own lunch boxes with sandwiches etc. from home. To promote healthy eating we discourage chocolate and fizzy drinks. Please make sure that food is packaged safely within the lunchbox and be aware that your child’s lunchbox will be stored at room temperature as we have no facilities to store them in a refrigerator.

Healthy Lunch Box Guidance

Healthy Snacks

All children are invited to bring a piece of fruit to school for a morning snack. Children in Foundation Phase are given a cup of milk mid-morning.